Preaching The Gospel Of Grace To A Dying Generation.



  • Experience the benefits of partnership by becoming a partner with Ewusie Brookman Ministries (EBM). Help spread the Gospel all over the world through your prayers and financial support.
  • Partnership with the family of Bishop Edwin Ewusie Brookman and the Grace Gospel Ministries (GGM) involves a covenant connection. It is a commitment to assist Bishop Edwin Ewusie Brookman and the Grace Gospel Ministries with fulfilling their God-given destinies to impact the lives of millions by spreading the gospel worldwide. Every soul saved and every life change through G.G.M. is credited to the heavenly accounts of our partners.
  • Becoming a Partner of EBM  is also for those men and women functioning in Ephesians 4:11 giftings, and/or business and professional entrepreneurs and artists who desire to be under the apostolic – prophetic covering of Bishop Edwin Ewusie Brookman. It is not intended to be a denomination or a reformation but a direct connection.



  • A partner shares responsibility in some common activity with another individual or group. A partner of Ewusie Brookman Ministries is someone committed to this ministry and shares its vision. Partnership is the relationship between people who support one another in the achievement of a common goal.
  • It is a mutual exchange of faithfulness. We pray faithfully and actively daily on behalf of partners. We always declare the blessing of God on our partners for them to be empowered and excel. Partners of this ministry have a right to connect to the anointing that is on this ministry so that they, too, can prosper spiritually, socially, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.



Always pray for the man of God and his family and the entire Grace Gospel Ministries.

You will also support the ministry financially, with your monthly pledge:

“Not because I desire a gift but I desire fruit that may abound to your account” (Philippians 4:17)



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