Preaching The Gospel Of Grace To A Dying Generation.


Prospectus & Student Handbook

Program and Course Outline

January 2018





Dear Student,
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
The Ewusie Brookman Ministries, I and the Pastors from Grace Gosple Ministries International are proud to present Rhema Prophetic Academy (RPA). This unique concept, in our Word based Biblical training, is a simple way to study and will only occupy one day per week.
The curriculum in 6 months has been especially designed to take a born-again believer from spiritual immaturity to maturity, fully assured in their walk with God.  This comprehensive training will thus be given to those who believe that God has called into full time ministry in the Prophetic.
 The program is going to be interesting, explosive and imparting because on completion, you will be awarded a Certificate in Prophetic Ministry and directed towards establishing your future ministry as experienced by most past students of RPA. The key focus of Rhema Prophetic Academy (RPA) is to impart biblical knowledge, transfer prophetic mantles, develop spiritual character and improve ministerial skills by applying the God given principles entrusted to me. 
May God’s grace empower, direct and strengthen you on this journey as it has on us. As the President and Chancellor, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that you will reach your full potential in Christ as you commit to discovering God’s destiny for your life through Rhema Prophetic Academy (RPA).


Bishop Edwin Ewusie Brookman

President / Chancellor



The Rhema Prophetic Academy (RPA) is the bible training arm of The Ewusie Brookman Ministries (EBM) where people are trained as spiritual soldiers and ambassadors of the Word of God. Anything that has to do with bible training in EBM must of necessity pass through the Rhema Prophetic Academy (RPA). The purpose of The Rhema Prophetic Academy (RPA) is to provide sound biblical and theological training, coupled with charismatic teachings for leaders, missionaries, teachers, evangelists, ministers, prophets and pastors who are motivated to serve God and be effective members in the Kingdom of God. In addition, every student of RPA must be ready at all times to display loyalty, honesty, dedication, discipline, integrity, holiness within and without, humility, readiness to serve, purity in words and deeds.  Briefly stated, our objectives are to give students:


  1. A thorough and systematic instruction of the word of God to provide a foundation for building life’s spiritual experiences.
  2. The ability to relate basic principles of the Bible to today living, to walk the spirit-filled life, and to know God’s voice.
  3. The preparation to fulfill the Divine Calling.
  4. The equipping needed to fulfill Jesus’ command to a)Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…’b) (Matt. 28:19) and the training and experience to be a leader.
  5. The vision of God’s restoration of his church and spreading the gospel of the kingdom to the ends of the earth.
  6. To prepare students for life management and to benefit the community as a whole.
  7. To train an end time militia (God’s anointed servants) for the lord Jesus. I.e. Raising the foundations of many Generations through the preaching of the Gospel of Grace and the demonstration of the spirit.



The Founder and President of the Academy is Bishop Edwin Ewusie Brookman, the General Overseer of Grace Gospel Ministries International. He is a product of Mfantispim College and the University of South Carolina in the United States where he had his degree in Sacred Theology and Master’s Degree in Divinity (M.DIV).  As a Teacher, an Evangelist, a Renowned Prophet and an Author of best selling Christian books, he has over the last 29 years trained and nurtured over 2,000 young prophets both in Ghana and abroad.  The Academy has a Registrar, a Academic Board, a Secretary and a Treasurer. There is a board of trustees which serves as an advisory board to the Academy and student body.


The Motto of the Academy which is its guiding principle is “Raising the Foundations of Many Generations”.


All Courses has duration of 24 weeks requiring 6 hours a week. This represents 18 weeks of training and assignments and 6 weeks of examination and assessment.


Lectures are held in the auditorium of Grace Arena, Haatso and on every Saturdays at 10am.  There are five sessions per each meeting:


To gain admission into the Academy, candidates will be taken through a selection process.  There is no separate re-sit examination for anyone who misses an examination or fails it. However such a person is advised to sit the exam with the next set of students. Lectures are compulsory for all students.


Continuous assessment tests are administered. They carry 20% of the total grading, while practical outreach programs carries 30% and the examination carries 50%.  At the end of each course, successful candidates receive a certificate of honour and participation.


To be eligible for graduation, a student must have:

  1. 80% minimum attendance at the course lectures.
  2. Satisfactorily completed all requirements for the programmes outlined in the prospectus by the end of June 2018.
  3. All exams taken and passed
  4. Submit a completed Application for Graduation form to the Academy’s Office by 30 January.
  5. No outstanding payments to RPA – evidence of full payment of fees.


24-week Program – 6 Months Certificate in Prophetic Ministry

Subjects: Each module has sub-modules considered as subjects

24-week Program – 6 Months Certificate in Prophetic Ministry

Subjects: Each module has sub-modules considered as subjects

24-week Program – 6 Months Certificate in Prophetic Ministry


Subjects: Each module has sub-modules considered as subjects


  1. Students of the Academy must be ready to live a life of true brokenness and absolute Christ-like humility.
  2. Ceaseless prayer life must be part of every student/staff of the Academy.
  3. All students and staff of the Institute must be born-again and spirit-filled.
  4. No student shall be allowed to register more than one at any particular time.
  5. Lateness and absenteeism shall not be tolerated.
  6. Examination malpractice in any form will not be acceptable.
  7. G) All students must possess an ID Card of RPA. It is compulsory and not optional.


Saturday Program Timetable  – Regular

Timetable: Time allocation may vary per session

Saturday Program Timetable  – Compulsory Monthly All-night



At the moment, tuition fee for a 24-week course is GHS600.00 only.  This is payable over a duration of 6 months ʹ GHS50 payable at the beginning of each month for every student.  There is also a non-refundable application fee of GHS50.00, admission fee of GHS200 and graduation fee of GHS250.

11.1 Registration – what you receive

  1. Student card and flat file with Student Notes folder
  2. Bible School Roster / Course Outline
  3. Test Dates & Assignment Instructions
  4. List of Bishop Brookman ‘s Books/Audio/Video Teachings
  5. Guidelines for Report Writing
  6. Prospectus & Student Handbook

11.2   Arrears

Students are advised that, according to Numbers 30:2 when a man makes a vow to the Lord or takes an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he must not break his word but must do everything he said. 

The student is responsible to pay all monthly installments on time and any student paying arrears or after the due date each month, will have a seven (7) day waiting period before any study manuals are issued (if applicable).  Any student in arrears by 30-days will not receive manuals but will be contacted by telephone, and receive a letter of warning after 60-days.  Unfortunately, if the student has not resolved the matter within 90-days, the Academy will have to ask the student to resign to prevent any further debt accumulation.



11.3 Cancellations and Refunds 

Applications fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

11.4 Resignations

11.4.1 Voluntary resignation

If a student is contemplating leaving Rhema Prophetic Academy before graduation, it is very important to find someone to talk to about it.  Please make an appointment with the leadership!  Even though the situation may seem hopeless in your eyes, it is remarkable how God can enlighten things when we seek His help. It is important for the leadership to know if such a situation has arisen.  Speak to the Rhema Prophetic Academy team!

Any student that desires to resign for whatever reason must provide advice of such in writing to the Registrar.  The Registrar will counsel with the student and then advise the Secretary and Treasurer of the resignation. Fees will be calculated up to and including installments for the month of resignation.  The minimum amount will always be the value of the application fee.

11.4.2 Forced Resignation

A student may be asked to resign if fees are in arrears exceeding 3-months, to avoid any embarrassment and to protect the student from further debt accumulation.  The student will be given a letter requesting them to resign unless the fees are settled in full with immediate effect.  A student may also be asked to resign if their conduct or behavior is deemed destructive to the ministry in any way, or constitutes harm to any other person or Bible School student, and/or as defined in the Code of Conduct.



Students must ensure the Academy has their up-to-date email addresses and mobile numbers to receive regular communications and reminders during the course period.

12.1 Class Presidents

At the Student Orientation, the students will nominate in collaboration with the board at least two class presidents per class that will serve them in class and to represent the student body during the course period.  Should students have a grievance against a lecturer member, another student, etc. they are to take this up with either male or female Class Presidents.  Class Presidents will arrange and communicate events as well as study materials, liase and co-ordinate the graduation function.


The nature of Rhema Prophetic Academy is to teach students the Word and gain practical experience of teaching it. Therefore, students must be willing to perform various practical tasks as decided by the leadership body of the Academy. All tasks will align with current courses and application will be relevant at all times.  All assignments are of a practical nature including written work, outreaches, practical experience and accomplishment.  Students should discipline themselves regarding the punctuality of completing assignments (workbooks, reports and tasks) in order to enjoy the full benefit of the course.


Students are welcome to contact the office of the Academy during office hours, weekend or visit the website

For enquiries please contact, in the first instance:

The Registrar / Academy Office

Grace Arena, Haatso-Accra, Ghana

Phone: (+233) 27-664-3300